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The idea for the Forum originated in the fertile mind of the late John Hannah OBE RCNC back in 1988. It was perceived that there were considerable benefits to be gained from an association of those concerned with the manufacture, application and end use of marine paints and coatings. It was perceived that a vehicle such as the Marine Painting Forum would offer to the industries involved in marine painting a suitable vehicle for discussing and resolving painting activities, strategies and other problems of mutual interest.

The Objective originally outlined was as follows:

The objective is to provide a forum for the interchange of information and ideas between companies involved in the manufacture, application and use of paints and related products for the marine industry. This will be achieved by the formation of the Marine Painting Forum composed of one designated representative (or deputy) from each participating company.

At the time of the gestation of the Forum, British Maritime Technology (BMT) occupied the Wallsend facilities of the former British Ship Research Association (BSRA) and it was intended that BMT and the Forum would collaborate on appropriate project work, making some use of these facilities and of the expertise of members and of BMT. Such did not happen as BMT developed alternative business plans. BMT did, however, provide administrative support to the Forum.

Changes in membership, technical developments, health and safety considerations, environmental concerns and regulatory pressures have all influenced the interests of and the operation of the Forum, and the objectives for the Forum were, more recently, revised.


  • To promote the MPF’s Aims by informed discussion between members,
  • Co-operation, the exchange of (non-commercially sensitive) information, and the undertaking of relevant projects.
  • To keep abreast of, and to review, developments in surface preparation, coating technology, coating application technology and coating disposal technology.
  • To give full consideration to environmental and occupational hygiene impact of all aspects of marine coatings.
  • To ensure that regulatory authorities are fully informed of the impact of proposed legislation.
  • To promote liaisons with other bodies (e.g. the Shipbuilders and Ship-repairers Association, the British Coatings Federation).
  • To enhance the image of marine painting.
  • To provide assistance to other interested parties where such assistance will promote the aims and objectives of the Marine Painting Forum.

These objectives are interpreted quite literally as members concerns and external influences evolve.


Annual membership is £1,000 and the fees fund the operation of the Forum and the undertaking of projects.

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The success and image of the Forum is dependant upon the enthusiastic commitment and activities of the members.