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The success and image of the Forum is dependant upon the enthusiastic commitment and activities of the members. The Forum does not have a corporate existence and operates in the format of a “club” supported by Safinah Limited.


Meetings are held three or four times per annum. Meetings are relatively informal and observers from organisations wishing to join the Forum are always welcomed and are provided with the appropriate paperwork. These meetings are normally held at the Sea Hotel, South Shields although it was originally envisaged that, from time to time, member companies would host such meetings. In fact, this was the case in the earlier days of the Forum but the present pressures on members make the Sea Hotel option attractive! Small sub-committees are, from time to time, formed as required to progress project work and meetings of such sub-committees are often held at the premises of member companies. Guest Speakers are frequently invited to deliver presentations to the Forum.


The annual membership fee is currently £1,000, (originally £1,500), (excluding VAT) and is invoiced annually on 1st June. The fees fund the operation of the Forum and the undertaking of projects. Projects are proposed and formulated by members and put to the Forum for endorsement. Although some aspects of such projects are sub-contracted, the outcome is almost entirely dependant upon the enthusiasm of those members involved with the projects.

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